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Tabor College Music Hall

The two-story frame building located at 412 Orange Street is used by the Tabor Historical Society as a meeting room, archive, and museum. The building was constructed in 1875 and used for Tabor College’s music program. Originally located directly south of Tabor College’s Boarding Hall east of the town park on Center Street, the school sold the building to the town after construction of Adams Hall, in 1902, which was the new home of the school’s music conservatory. Tabor purchased the old building for $200 in December of 1907 and moved it to its current location for use as city hall and fire department, replacing a rundown building on the same site. At the time, the Tabor Beacon reported that once repairs were made to the structure, “Tabor will have a very respectable city hall.” The old building served faithfully for years as the center of town government which included, in 1914, the addition of two jail cells attached to the back of the building.

Beginning in 1956 the city council permitted the Tabor Women’s Club to install a small library on the south wall which eventually grew to encompass the entire structure. After outgrowing the building, the library moved to its present location on Main Street in 1987, leaving the building vacant aside from periodic use for storage and as a food pantry. The historical society took possession in 2001 and now uses it for monthly meetings and as a repository for over 8,000 documents, letters and photographs pertaining to Tabor’s history. There is a small museum upstairs dedicated to Tabor’s schools.

Music Hall 2014 (1a).jpg

Tabor College Music Hall, constructed in 1875

THS Sign Install 2016-05-07 (1a-1).jpg

Tabor Historical Society president Chuck Douglass installs a new sign in 2016

Music Hall 2016-11-21 (7a-1).jpg

The Music Hall is used as a meeting place, research area and archive for the historical society

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